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Virtual Swap Meet

Midwest Audio Exchange (MWAX) is the only Virtual Swap Meet for Hi Fi and Vintage Audio Equipment.   When it’s time to upgrade your audio system or thin out the herd (you’ve got too much stuff) the MWAX Swap Meet is the perfect place to buy, sell, or swap Hi Fi & Vintage audio equipment. Using the MWAX White Glove Inspection / Evaluation Service you can Swap With Confidence.  There is NO FEE to list your equipment, and unlike other online marketplaces, there’s No Selling Fee. Our goal is to provide a safe, easy way to sell, trade, or buy vintage audio equipment.  So visit our Swap Meet and make deals with confidence.

Virtual Swap Meet

The MWAX 24/7 virtual swap meet is simple.

  • The MWAX virtual swap meet is not available for dealers.
  • The MWAX virtual swap meet is ONLY for swapping HI FI & VINTAGE audio equipment.
  • Give each item as complete and accurate a description as possible. Be sure to note cosmetic flaws, such as nicks, scratches, rack marks, or chips. Point out if anything is missing that a buyer might naturally expect to receive with the item (i.e. manuals, cables, accessories, etc.). Make sure you know the exact model number or version, if applicable.
  • Include a detailed photo of the item you are selling.
  • Make sure you and your buyer are clear about exactly how much money (if any) is changing hands. Decide who is paying the shipping charge.
  • Insure the shipment for loss and damage with the shipping carrier. Make sure the insured amount is appropriate.
  • Pack the item safely and securely.
  • Agree upon the method of payment. One of the surest ways to avoid payment hassles is to ship Certified Bank Check or Cash On Delivery (COD). Other popular means of classifieds payment include PayPal, and other third-party services such as escrow.com, which hold the buyer’s money until the item is delivered, then release the money to the seller.
  • Confirm the purchase before shipping. Send an e-mail to the buyer specifying who, what, where, and when. Before you ship the buyer anything, wait until you get a confirmation back.
  • Let the buyer know immediately if there will be a delay in shipping.
  • Follow up with the buyer to make sure everything arrived on time and satisfactorily.

   White Glove Inspection / Evaluation Service


How It Works

After you agree on a deal with a registered Swap Meet member this optional service will insure the equipment you receive is what you expected and agreed on.  Both members send their equipment to the MWAX secured shipping facility. We will inspect the equipment and audition them in our Tube and Solid State reference systems. If the equipment matches the description posted in the swap meet we promptly ship the equipment to you.  If for some reason there is an issue with the equipment that you were not made aware of, you have several options;

  1. Cancel the deal. We send the equipment back to you. No harm – no foul.
  2. Restructure the deal.
  3. Have our certified  audio technician diagnose the issue and give you a detailed description of the problem.  Our tech can give you the average cost to repair the problem.